London, U.K.
Accommodation at Grande White Hall

Friday, April 25:
1. Arriving Heathrow Airport – 
2. Visit Lindley Library (special viewing) - We’ll see a selection from Hooker collection (over 200 paintings), Langley’s Pomona from 1729, Nelly Roberts Orchid plates, Reeves Chinese collection, several travel journals and Claude Aubriet form 1665 among other items.

(Lilian Snelling, 1879 - 1972)

Saturday, April 26:

1. Royal Academy of Arts - tour
2. Reading Museum and the 70 meter long Bayeux tapestry about the Hastings Battle in 1066. This is the only full size accurate copy in England, embroidered in 1880s (William Morris was involved in this embroidery effort). The original commissioned in the 1070s is preserved in Bayeux, in Normandy, France (guided tour). 

(part of the 70 meter long Bayeux tapestry)

GENEVA, Switzerland
Accommodation at NH Rex

Sunday, April 27:
1. High speed train to Geneva (via Paris) 
2. Geneva in the evening - 
Monday, April 28:
1. Visit Caran d'Arche of Switzerland (in Thônex) -   special tour 

Tuesday, April 29:
1. Botanical Garden and Botanical Conservatory and a viewing of their archives from 18th century. The Herbarium has in addition to a Pre-Linnaean collection of 30,000 specimens from e.g., India, Cape of Good Hope and West Indies over 6 million specimens in the general collections. The Library of the Garden possesses almost all printed matter that man has produced of plants, in particular in the fields of taxonomy and floristics. Illustrated works dating from the golden age of engraving, from the 1700's to the beginning of the 1800's, form a collection that is quite spectacular.

2. Patek Philippe Museum – Horological museum with five centuries of watch making.
3. High speed train to Lyon, France

LYON, France
Accommodation at ibis Styles Lyon la Part Dieu

Wednesday, April 30 - Friday, May 2:
 The details have not been finalized yet. May 1st, which is a holiday in Europe is one of these days and excellent day to rest and recharge. One of the days we will meet Vincent Jeannerot who has agreed to give a mini workshop. Lyon is the European center for textiles, and we will tour of the Musee det Tissus et des Arts Decoratifs collections and conservation department on April 30th and also a tour of Prelle Manufacture.
On Friday we visit the Miniature Museum and Musée desbeaux-arts
- Friday afternoon travel to Paris by a high speed train. 
(Vincent Jeannerot)

PARIS, France

Accommodation at Les Jardins d'Eiffel

Saturday, May 3:
 Whole day visit to the Palace of Versailles - Special Tour
Sunday, May 4:
1. Louvre  Museum - explore on your own
2. Museum d’Orsay - Gustave Dore (1832 - 1883): The Power of Imagination.

Monday, May 5:
 - Natural History Museum which is a huge complex including the largest and oldest herbarium in the world.  – one whole day (over 3000 Botanical art objects) - details are coming later 

Tuesday, May 6:

1.  The French Society of Botanical Illustration
2. The National Manufacture des Gobelins (Tapestries) – tour
3. National Library: Arsenal Library: illuminations 


Accommodation at Grande White Hall

Wednesday, May 7:

1. High speed train to London 
2The atelier of Hand & Lock and special viewing of their embroidery collections which go back to 1790, both historical and contemporary designs.

Thursday, May 8:

Kew Gardens
1. Shirley Sherwood Gallery - Dr. Shirley Sherwood will guide us around:
- Exhibit of Barbara Oozeerally’s magnolia paintings which will appear in her important magnolia book
- ‘Botanical Art in the 21st Century’ (in four of the six galleries). This includes some recent paintings from Italy which were shown in Pisa earlier this year alongside a lot of paintings from Shirley Sherwood collection. The majority, quite a large number of very recent works, particularly emphasizing new approaches to botanical art from her Collection.  There will be some of the best paintings that she has ever collected in the show and many new unpublished works.

(Magnolia × soulangeana 'Brozzonii' by B. Oozerally)
2. Viewing of a selected collection in the Library archives at Kew.
3. Visit with Lucy Smith one of Kew's scientific illustrators and tour of the Kew herbarium
4. Visit the famous Waterlily House from 1852, re-opened for the summer as well as the Kew Palacefamily home of King George III, Queen Charlotte and their 15 children.

Friday, May 9:

Saturday, May 10: 
Return flight home to the U.S.

For more information about the program, please contact Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski . Please contact Sheridan Shamano or 303-860-6045 to reserve your spot.